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What My Customers Have to Say

I prepared a “Chef Belinda-inspired” dinner last night: chicken breasts seasoned with your Everyday spice blend (husband loved these), baked sweet potato sprinkled with Moroccan spice (delicious—next time I’m going to try it on oven-baked sweet potato fries; I mixed some with ricotta the other day for a spread on my English muffin), and wilted arugula. Everything was so good, I felt a little spoiled!

Stella – Columbia, SC

Wow!  Just tried the Mediterranean steak rub…  Holy smokes!  Belinda is a genius!  I can’t even express how yummy it is!  It is so far beyond the steak rubs I have it is ridiculous.  Tell the Chef she is amazing…

Linda – Colorado Srings, CO

Chef Belinda, thanks so much for introducing my daughter and me to your spices today at Whole Foods in Columbia. I look forward to my coffee with the Turkish Blend spice in the morning. I’ll soon be featuring it in my Facebook post today. Congratulations on your success.

Trina – Columbia, SC

Belinda, Thank you so much for your incredible spices.  I’ve used them all, including dry rubbing a bone-in Boston butt [with the Moroccan Blend], adding barbecue sauce and slow cooking it.  Best pork roast ever.

Lyn – Marietta, GA

Next time I come to Aiken, will need to restock on spices.  The pork chops were perfect with [the] Everyday Spice Blend…..

Patrice – Beaufort, NC

Hello, Chef Belinda…I met you at the Columbia (South Carolina) Whole Foods…  I’ve tried both of the spice blends I purchased and like them both!  I’m looking forward to purchasing the others.  I enjoy cooking very much and agree with you that having a blend conforming to a “flavor profile” is easier than dealing with all the various spices and measuring.Thought you’d be interested to know:  I have a recipe for a clementine cake (attached).  I found it on the Food Network, if I recall.  I made one the other day using tangelos since the spanish clementines are now out-of-season.  I’m using a pinch of your Moroccan Blend as a topping and it works great. Nice to have met you and best wishes with your business!

Terry – Lawrenceville, GA

I prepared your Piri Piri Chicken [with the Everyday Spice] and the boys were very pleased!!!  We did steak last night [with the Mediterranean Steak Spice] and that also was delicious.  I love having something special to serve family and guests and using your recipes guarantee a hit.

Mary – Nokomis, FL

“The Everyday Spice put some zip in my vegetables, just what I like.  I plan to use the Mediterranean Steak Spice tomorrow night on a strip steak.”

Georgia – Bradenton, FL

“I LOVE LOVE the spices….I’ve used the Everyday Spice Blend on Roast Chicken instead of my usual salt/pepper/garlic powder mix, and on hot air popcorn…lol

I’ve used the Mediterranean Steak Spice on Pizza actually instead of my regular Italian Seasoning and I made a sweet potato puree to go with the Roast Chicken and used the Grains of Paradise in that.  You’ve got yourself a great product, that Everyday Spice is definitely replacing good ole Lawry’s in my house.”

Chef Heather  – Woodbine, NJ

“We had our steak and prepared it with your delicious Mediterranean Steak Spice.  My husband liked it because it had a little kick on the back end.   He said: “I was waiting for something and it didn’t let me down.”   I noticed the peppers.  It remained on the palate and it made me want to go back for more.  I hope I prepared it correctly.  I brushed the steak spice on both sides and left it in the refrigerator over night.  When cooked, the steak was extremely tender and moist.”

An appreciative gastronome,

Ellen – Trenton, SC

“I use Everyday Spice Blend on everything from meats to veggies.  Wow was I surprised that I could  use it every day!!  It is a great product, and I do not want to be without it.  Keep it coming.”

Chef Sharon – Gastonia, NC

About the Mediterranean Steak Spice ~ “I’m not a big steak seasoning type of cook.  I tend to enjoy the flavor of a good steak seasoned with basic salt and pepper then seared or grilled to tender steak heaven.  However, I gave Chef Belinda’s Mediterranean Steak Spice a try and was very pleasantly pleased.  Those ribeyes never knew they could taste so good.  The spice blend might not be perfect for those with salt limitations, but for the rest of us, uh, me, it’s a very tasty and convenient way to add spice to your steak life.”

Chef Sam – Charlotte, NC

“I used the Everyday Spice Blend on tilapia brushed with olive oil and butter.  I covered the fish  with Ritz Cracker crumbs.  My son loved it!!!”

Jakki – Columbus, OH

“To quote the guys from an old classic In Living Color:  ‘I have 3 words: DE LI CIOUS!’

Those spices are amazing.  I’ve just tried the Mediterranean Steak SpiceHerb Sea Salt and the Everyday Spice.  I love them.”

April – Chicago, IL

Dear Belinda…just wanted to let you how much I love your spices!! I use them just about every day (except when I eat out). The Everyday Spice Blend is especially good with chicken and pork and I love the Mediterranean Steak Spice on steak and roasts.  Keep up the good work!  Your biggest fan….

Ruth Ann – Nokomis, FL